Camera trigger - light barrier Jokie²

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Jokie² - light barrier, infrared camera trigger, camera trap for high speed photography

Scope of delivery: set containing: light barrier, photoelectric camera trigger Jokie², reflector 80 mm, reflector 40 mm, battery case, velcro tape.
Light barrier and reflectors have 1/4" tripod sockets. 

Batteries are not included.


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Jokie² is a versatile, easy to use and robust photoelectric reflex barrier for high-speed photography.

  • Suitable for:
    • Nature photography
      • insects
      • birds
      • mammals
    • Sports
      • bicycle-, ski-, motorcycle- and car racing
      • track and field athletics, combat sport
    • Experiments
      • drops
      • splashes
      • bullets from air rifles or fire arms
    • thunderstorm, firework photography
    • And many more
  • Having the size of a keychain, Jokie² fits into every pocket
  • Being a reflex barrier, the Jokie² has just one housing and needs only one set of batteries, the “other side“ (the reflector) is passive
  • Very easy to handle
  • LED for an easy alignment of the infrared beam
  • Works up to several weeks with one set of batteries - depending on the reach setting
  • Integrated tripod socket to ensure fast and safe mounting
  • Adjustable delay time
  • 4 different settings for sensitivity and reach
    • smallest detectable item: app. 0.5 mm
    • maximum reach: 16 m
  • Passive mode for thunderstorm or firework photography
  • Ballistic mode for detecting bullets from air rifles or fire arms
  • Wake-up mode which keeps the camera from switching to power saving mode

Important: The light barrier Jokie² cannot be upgraded to the light barrier system Joker²!

  • Type and design:
    • photoelectric reflex barrier with pulsed infrared light
    • wavelength: 850 nm
  • Dimensions:
    • l x w x h: 64 x 36 x 29 mm
    • weight:
      • light barrier only: 40 g
      • complete kit: 75 g
  • Power supply:
    • 4 batteries (AA, LR6)  with 1.5 V
    • 4 rechargeable batteries with 1.2V (AA, LR6), NiCd, NiMH, etc.
    • DC voltage source, 4.5 V - 15 V, minimum 100 mA
  • Power consumption:
    • ca. 40 mA at maximum reach
    • ca. 8 mA at minimum reach
    • works several weeks with one set of batteries, depending an the reach setting, tested with common alkaline cells
  • Reach (distance between light barrier and 80 mm reflector):
    • maximum 16 m
  • Sensitivity (smallest detectable object):
    • ca. 0.5 mm diameter
  • Response time:
    • normal-mode: max. 100 µs (0.1 ms)
    • ballistic-mode: max. 20 µs (0.02 ms)
    • adjustable delay time:
      • normal mode: up to 10 seconds
      • ballistic mode: up to 10 ms
  • Scope of delivery:
    • Infrared reflex light barrier Jokie²
    • battery retainer with cable
    • reflector 80 mm
    • reflector 40 mm
    • velcro tape

To get started with the photoelectric barrier set Jokie² you need a camera adapter for your camera. The cable length of our camera adaptor sets amounts from 2.5 m to 5.2 m, depending on the type of camera you have. This length is enough for insect, bird or table top photography.

In case of work with larger tele lenses, we recommend extension cords.

For fixing the Jokie² light barrier we recommend tripods or clamps with 1/4" thread, or our Strap-Flex holder as universal mounting accessory.


Strap-Flex - universal holder for light photographic equipment
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packing extra

Carrier system for bird photography

Modular carrier system for bird photography which allows an easy positioning of the IR camera trigger directly in the flight path of birds.
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packing extra

Carrier system for insect photography

Modular carrier system for insect photography - allows the precise presetting of IR camera trigger and camera
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DC power supply 3 - 12 V, 1000 mA

Power supply for Jokie, Jokie², Joker², or the eltima adapter for inductive loads
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Joby Gorillapod

Very convenient for the easy, fast and solid attachment of IR camera triggers and reflectors to alls sorts of devices.
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