Drop Photography

Multi-colour drop collision
Multi-colour drop collision

For drop photography we offer the right equipment: from the drop-timer², a time machine for a simple and reasonable entry, up to the Joker² system with various and powerful timing functions for complex drop sculptures.

Further we offer also a comprehensive range of accessories - starting from our drop dispenser down to the long nozzle for multi colour drop collisions.


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Connector having 2x 2.5 mm jack sockets and 1x 2.5 mm jack plug.
Sockets and plug are connected 1:1

The Y-connector enables you to:

  • multiply the release signal in order to release several cameras with only on IR camera trigger.
  • interconnect two or more Jokie, Jokie² IR camera triggers to one curtain IR camera trigger which release one camera
  • multiply the release signal in order to release several flash units with only one IR camera trigger Jokie or Jokie², or from one output of the IR camera trigger system Joker², see picture 5.

A combination of the options mentioned above is possible as well.


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