Shipping charges

Small parcel (reflectors, connection sets, adapter, etc.):

  • Germany - Deutsche Post: 3.00 EUR*
  • Euro 1+2+3: 10,90 EUR*
  • World: 15.00 EUR

Standard parcel:

  • Germany: 6.90 EUR* (DHL)
  • Euro 1: 14.90 EUR*
  • Euro 2: 18.90 EUR*
  • Euro 3: 21.90 EUR*
  • World: 45.00 EUR

Big parcel (eltima carrier systems):

  • Germany: 9.90 EUR* (DHL)
  • Euro 1+2: 24.90 EUR*
  • Euro 3: 29.90 EUR*

Cash on delivery fee:

  • Germany: 6.00 EUR*

Euro 1: Austria, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland

Euro 2: France, Great Britain, Italy

Euro 3: Ireland, Finland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,
            The Czech Republic, Hungary

Important note: When shipping to non-EU countries as part of your order there will be additional taxes or costs (eg customs duties), which are not discharged through us or invoiced by us, but you have to pay directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities. For details please contact these authorities.


*all prices are indicated in EUR incl. VAT


Merchandise can be picked up depending on the arrangement. No shipping fees will be charged then.